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I am the Mad Scribbler, also known as Chris Davenport.

That is the first lie that I’ll tell readers: it isn’t my name, but there are only so many stalkers and death threats that a simple man can take. 

So why are we here? In the modern era, there are a litany of outlets that look to service as many people as possible by writing to something referred to as the LCDh, or lowest common denominator of humanity. This means that most outlets actively attempt to dumb down their writing to a US standard of a sixth-grade reading level.

Then there are outlets where specified slants are encouraged, and articles that do not adhere to these preternatural biases are eschewed to the mental stagnation of a reliable reader base. Thus, those who visit a specific website have their opinions reinforced, regardless of whether science, logic, and fact supports these arguments, leading to the overall dumbing down of our species as a whole and resulting in individuals who believe opinions are greater than fact.

To that end, I would like to propose this website, adding one more outlet in the already cluttered sphere of stupidity that somehow manages to dictate what is readily believed. 

This website is intended as adult-only as we will explore controversial subjects, and thus is to be perused at your own peril. Remember when you first found out that sausage casings consisted of the pigs poop chute, and you abstained from the meat until you kind of mentally got the hell over it? Like that, but with everything in the world. Delish.

If you get upset by an article or piece, that’s never our intent. We aren’t trying to be controversial for the sake of controversy. We will consistently dive into subjects that other outlets stay far away from because they can irreversibly turn away prospective readers. In contrast, we expect that the readers are more than capable of actually understanding the world of differing opinions, and are open to having their mindset changed (or at the very least are along for the often HILARIOUS ride).

After all, it’s on the internet, so it must be true. And would you just look at those likes. No way a hundred people could all simultaneously be paint-chip eaters, right?

Image Credit: Mari Lezhava, Batumi, Georgia