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Self-Imposed Eugenics – Anti-Maskers Considering Masks

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Anti-masking rhetoric has been a fascinating angle of all the general hubbub surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic for the past year and some change. Now, anti-maskers are going to start wearing masks to protect themselves against the belief that vaccinated individuals shed mRNA that causes reproductive problems in others.

To be clear, there is absolutely no reliably reported risk of vaccinated users somehow ‘shedding’ skin cells that will then cause reproductive problems. Reuters, arguably the greatest outlet regarding its lack of editorial slants or misrepresentation of events, has gone in-depth to review this widely circulated misinformation.1

Dr. Christopher Zahn, the Vice President for Practice Activities at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, stated that the misinformation is a conspiracy crafted ‘to weaken the trust in a series of vaccines that have been demonstrated in clinical trials to be safe and effective.’1 Unfortunately, the anti-masking movement 😠 is decidedly not borne from the guidance of health professionals.

Let the Freak Flag Fly

I’m all in favor of people marching to their own beat – in fact, I fucking encourage others to do so. The issue is when that beat involves endangering others. This is the underlying current of the idea that causes shit to get swept sideways.

When encouraging others to march to their own beat, or define their own sense of normalcy, it cannot impose upon others. If you want to masturbate with a quart of Greek yogurt while watching the original Power Rangers at 6 times the speed, that’s your damn prerogative. If you want to masturbate on an unconsenting Greek while they eat yogurt, that’s an issue.

You could probably find someone for that fetish, depending on your wallet. It’s a really simple guideline, people.

Out of fear for the proposed ‘shedding’ of vaccinated individuals, many anti-maskers are now considering the usage of masks to protect themselves. An amusing twist, considering that this vocal minority typically found solace in eschewing masks entirely, using mesh masks or masks with holes cut in them to ‘prove a point’ as a defining clause of their normalcy. It’s difficult to discern which point many of them were making however as many anti-mask and COVID-denier influencers have passed away due to COVID.2,3

It’s Not Victory, It’s Just Loss In A Different Form

Now, however, the anti-maskers are looking at doing precisely what they vowed never to do, based on absurdist theories that cannot be replicated by trusted organizations, such as the World Health Organization (the WHO?). To maintain safety, the anti-maskers are now looking to don masks. As the world receives the vaccination. Over a year since we begged everyone to wear the damn things, and after millions of lives are lost, these slobber-jockeys have gotten it into their head that now is the time for masking.

Imagine how short the pandemic could have been if people did not organize and protest the existence of a disease. Imagine if one of the COVID-denying influencers opted instead to promote safety and social distancing. This places the mentally undamaged individuals of the world, which we can propose as consisting of people that followed the damn guidelines brought forth by the CDC, at a narrow precipice of right and wrong.

On one hand, the agony caused by these multiple individuals is unquantifiable in scope – COVID-19 has mutated constantly throughout the pandemic (brought about partly by COVID-denying parties3, where ‘wokeness’ was apparently presumed to be enough to stay the virus), resulting in those following the rules now likely needing booster shots of the vaccination to take mutations into account. A near-universal truth, or value, is to do no harm, and many are continuing to abide precisely by that.

A Self-Guided Purge

However, there comes a point when the hurdles needed to be cleared to protect people against themselves are simply not worth the effort. There must come a point where, instead of removing the anti-vaxxers or COVID-deniers from their element, we embrace the inevitable demise of these groups. Let Darwin’s Law propagate, in other words, and allow them to handle the consequences.

Let’s encourage these mouth-breathers to run amok in tightly quarantined areas. We can film it and put the resurgence of Polio on a Pay-Per-View channel, with proceeds going to various health-related charities. We could even save money, as these individuals aren’t likely going to need healthcare at the rate they’ll drop. Not that they would take the healthcare in the first damn place.

This may come a little too close to genocide, or perhaps eugenics, but there comes a certain point in misery where the source of the plague must be removed. Presuming that science is accurate, the singular point of misery throughout this pandemic has been those who don’t believe diseases, or that they manage to have a stronger grasp on viruses than those who studied said viruses for the heft of their adult lives.

It’s not as though we would have a direct hand in it either: let’s all just agree to let anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers exist as they see fit, sharing easily abolished diseases until the entirety of that segment of society collapses. How many people must die before we stop letting bullshit propagate when the precision of said bullshit is easily quantified?

At some point, the cancer must be removed. The question is, how long we will wait for it to manifest in an even more abhorrent form.


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Image Credit: Anton Maksimov | Pyatigorsk, Russia

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