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On June 1, the US government saw fit to release Dr. Anthony Fauci in response to an FOIA request, which many communities dubbed as ‘The Fauci Email Leak.’ The crowd, primarily consisting of those who view COVID-19 as the world’s most complex hoax to date, alternated between rambunctious cheering and outrage over what the emails contained.

The document contains 3,234 emails between Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and various members and entities of the public. It shows the struggle to understand the new pandemic as it threatened the world, graduating responses of escalation, and an unfettered resolve for accuracy. For some, however, it’s the smoking gun that they’ve been eagerly seeking. These are the people who the pandemic has been litmus testing for idiocy.

A Level of Dumb That Becomes Impressive

Within the emails, Dr. Anthony Fauci is seen advising people that wearing a mask won’t protect them; instead, wearing a mask protects others. Ideally, the others near you (tasked with ensuring your safety, much as they are reliant on you for theirs) don’t view masks as muzzles. For many, this should be old news – we wear masks to protect others from possible viruses that we may be carrying, as many eastern countries have been doing for decades.

Stupid is as Stupid Does

I’ve slowly been coming to the realization over the past few years, as I’ve stomped around online for various clients and causes, that people are dumb. Reading comprehension is something that is difficult to grasp for many members of our communities (who pleasantly retain their right to vote), and people gauge actions and consequences based on what they ‘feel’ is right, along with some classic celebrity worship to give the full scope.

Instead of seeking information themselves, they rely on others to do the heavy mental lifting, and then parrot whichever talking points seem pertinent. This becomes the catalyst for a catastrophic orchestra of mind-blowing stupidity that consistently damages the human species on a fascinating level. This phenomenon is largely to blame for the COVID-19 disbelief and misunderstandings that exacerbated the pandemic into this absurd ordeal.

When new information released, the emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci show a shift in virus mitigation, which is also being pointed to as irrefutable proof that Dr. Anthony Fauci (and the government) lied about the pandemic. There were notable administration members that were proved to have information about COVID-19 that they hid from the public, instead profiting from the incoming pandemic while espousing placating rhetoric, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is not one of them.

This is actually how science works: members operate on the currently ‘most-true’ information until new information comes to light, either through observation or experimentation. Then, the new ‘most-true’ information is disseminated to the public that is competent enough to listen. It’s absurdly difficult to define absolute truths in our world without the ability to read the future, so this is the best process we’ve been able to discern.

Dropping Dimes

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump 😠, has been a complicit factor within the COVID-19 clusterfuck. The current storm of conversation regarding ‘The Fauci Email Leak’ swirling about social media has been spurred by Donald Trump, who pointed out the ‘horrible’ emails of Dr. Fauci as proof that Dr. Fauci is ‘in the pocket of China.’

Over a Month

We made it over a month before needing to address the drooling moron in the corner, but this orange individual still has a heft of followers. He is a primary cause of the current faux outrage over the emails (which he incorrectly called a leak, and has incorrectly claimed a connection in Dr. Fauci’s allegiance to China) which has multiple groups of idiots clamoring, once again, in this artificial outrage.

It’s baffling that someone can be so damningly incorrect multiple times, and still retain an audience.

There are those who still, with what I can only imagine as great mental gymnastics or stupidity, think Donald Trump is the shining beacon of brilliance and intelligence. There’s very little supporting these claims, but when have facts got in the way of worship? This is the same unique individual who proposed drinking disinfectant. For fuck’s sake, guys.

What in the flying-monkey-fuck these upset citizens saw in the emails that the rest of the world hasn’t isn’t entirely clear for people who can read. The most damning parts of the email dump were mildly interesting, at best. In one highlight, Dr. Fauci tells the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention that the United States and China will make it through the pandemic together in a message of perseverance. A virologist proposes that the virus could have been made in a lab in Wuhan, China, in a separate email.

We got to this point in this miserable march towards our inevitable deaths precisely because people are wildly fucking stupid, and they’ll be damned if they suddenly develop the ability to read. Instead, others have informed them that these emails released willingly under the FOIA were ‘The Fauci Email Leak’ and it somehow has damning messages in there. Those most outraged haven’t read through them, as is tradition.

If you want to read through the emails yourself (and be forewarned, they’re pretty boring), you can find them at DocumentCloud, or through this link:

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