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There is a unique situation developing as politicians, flush with cash after years of (alleged) boiler-room deals and deciding what they should be paid with our tax dollars, are desperately trying to fit in with their constituents. Unfortunately, it’s difficult – these are typically the obscenely wealthy, and there is next to zero idea of what an actual American does, thinks, or looks like. Enter the world of political flannel, where crisscrossing patterns turn into a safety net of appeal.

Mark McCloskey, otherwise known as the gentleman wildly waving an assault rifle towards protestors who got too close to his mansion, is seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate. The stint was widely considered to be abnormal behavior. Here is a brief refresher:

The Political Flannel

Now, it’s clear in the video that Mark McCloskey couldn’t figure out the business end of the barrel as he tries to establish dominance, but now this gentleman is actually seeking the U.S. Senate seat. Amusingly, he would fit right in – absurdly wealthy, citizens are scary, and a right to a protest should be a privilege (presuming the protest closely mirrors their own beliefs). Lest people get too put off by his ownership of a mansion and gun-waving, he opted to throw some flannel on and really connect with the commoners of the United States.

Some have noted that the tractor Mark McCloskey is standing in front of is notably absent during the gun-waving fiesta – he must have had it in one of the many garages. Now before you start bashing me for what you presume are my political beliefs, it’s immaterial as to what side of the aisle he is vying for. He’s got some fucking flannel.

This is an echo of another political hopeful, by the name of Kelly Loeffler. Married to the head of the NYSE, Kelly enjoyed the life of a billionaire until she hopped onto the campaign trail. Then, the political flannel and trucker hats were the mainstays of the wardrobe as she attempted to figure out what the proles did daily.

She’s sure that it involves political flannel.

It’s immaterial as to what side of the aisle she is vying for. She’s got some fucking hats.

It’s simple to point to these two individuals of society who view themselves as somehow worthy of serving the working class, but the problem runs far deeper, and is exponentially more difficult to resolve.

The Heart of the Matter

People, by and large, are fucking stupid.

For some reason, when politics come into play, the values of a person become rendered as though immaterial, or even ephemeral in nature. Promises made on the campaign trail become dashed immediately, and there are no forthcoming repercussions. The voting record of a politician also seems unimportant, at least in comparison to whether the consistent other party could win.

Every election turns into an ‘us versus them’ rather than pertinent headway being made in any way shape or form, as these gaseous fucks continue to vomit up words with no value, such as ‘cohesion,’ ‘unity,’ and ‘the American People’.

None of these result in any formidable shift over the years for either side, carefully padded with political leaders who toe the acceptable lines for their party. Whomever is actually going to take power does not matter – it’s about the party and being able to shuffle in a metric fuck of policy changes to make others wealthy in the same party.

These costume changes, and the existence of political flannel are poignant reminders of how this country is electing leaders to lord over peasants. It has nothing to do with what a leader should be, and everything to do with face value. For the citizens of the United States, this should be a concerning paradigm.

Image Credit: Abby Savage | AbbySavageCreative.com

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