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Oh, good heavens, here we go again. After the pandemic has been protested against, people equating wearing masks as a dog muzzle, and refusal to get a vaccine that has been worked on for two decades, COVID-19 has mutated to a variant called ‘Delta’.

The good news is that the vaccine does work against the delta variant of the virus. The bad news is that it’s even more contagious than the original format. Dr. Anthony Fauci states that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is 88% effective against the delta variant, and 93% effective against the alpha2. The WHO (World Health Organization) stated on June 18, 20212, that the delta variant has quickly become the dominant variant of the disease internationally.

Now, this definitely doesn’t put those who have had the vaccine out of the proverbial woods. As viruses sit within systems and pass between hosts, they begin to mutate. These mutations can shift near-everything about the virus, to the point that it’s feasible that it becomes an entirely new virus that circumvents the original vaccine. If this happens, the vaccinated could ostensibly be fucked.

Cue a bunch of cheering from those who have refused to be vaccinated, from the stance that the vaccine doesn’t murder the virus. The holdouts, however, are the ones offering the virus an opportunity to consistently mutate, fucking everyone in society.

It’s the Shopping Cart theory 😠 in practice, and we’re quickly finding that many are not willing to protect others based on an inconvenience to themselves. It’s like we’ve been saying, humans are generally shitty. This selfishness could blow into a new pandemic, resulting in another year hiding inside – here we go again.

The Shopping Cart Theory

Shopping carts are a litmus test for humans, and a fascinating one at that.

The underlying idea is that there are no penalties for not returning a shopping cart to its stable within the parking lot but doing so helps others who visit the locale. So, the return of the cart shows that the human is willing and capable of caring for others, despite offering no penal consequences.

Sit in a parking lot sometimes and watch the selfishness of humanity unfold. The New York Times reported (^1) an estimated 25% of carts are not properly returned, which posits an interesting theory about being stuck in a group of four people and needing selfless acts to thrive.

It’s not like I’m a virologist, either – everything stated has been repeated infinitely by a litany of science professionals that have been begging humans to follow basic practices to keep others safe. If this isn’t bit in the ass relatively soon, it could mutate to an even more dangerous form that could put even more at risk.

It’s so damn simple, and wildly frustrating to watch. Who’s ready for another year inside?

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Image Credit: Gábor Molnár | Ossa, Milan, Italy

  1. People are shitty? Does that include those that silenced others suggesting a lab leak is possible? From the majority of peoples perspectives, the way you act and behave in shitty. You don’t care, so why should they? I promote vaccines especially mRNA based vaccines because it is helping especially with serious cases. Does this mean I must subscribe to all dogma related to those that support vaccines? Do I have to submit to the CCP and preach their lines? Do I have to bow down to everything Fauci says? Do I have to ignore the concentration camps in China?

    What does one have to preach to not be shitty?

    1. Man, you hit on like a dozen things and I want to talk about them all because they are all pertinent in their own way. Eyeing the tangent towards the Shopping Cart Theory, we can see that, the New York Times, at least, posits that 25% of people suck. So if we grab 1,000 people, and presume that what NYT reported is accurate (which I don’t believe we necessarily have cause to doubt at this time), 250 people would be shitty in that crowd. 250 people banding together, when the other 750 are generally vibing, invites a shit situation to deal with. I think it’s…dangerous to make presumptions about the birthplace of COVID-19, as it could lead to international instability – at the very least until there’s hard data (which hasn’t been offered up just yet) that this was a bioweapon. It’s vital to note that there is zero hard evidence of this at this moment. Discussing viability, hell yeah, of course it’s viable. But it isn’t proven, and there’s a difference between belief and fact.

      I can absolutely be a shit-tier human being. I’ve discussed prostituting myself in the past, selling drugs, and doing a bunch of shit that, quite frankly, keeps my ass up at night wondering how negative of an impact I had when I was careening out of control two-something decades ago. I have regained control of my life, however, with a litany of sacrifices and hardships that I proudly bore, as we all must do. Every day, and I’ve discussed this in the past, I strongly believe we should reflect and meditate to become a better version of ourselves. Ideally, I’m better today than I was yesterday. This isn’t always the case – sometimes we all eat shit for a day and get into a toxic mentality (This is a huge reason that I have an editor). Embracing that mentality, or rejecting it, offers a vital difference.

      Subscribing to the dogma of vaccination (a phrase that I greatly enjoyed from you) is difficult. The amount of information available in the world would drown anyone attempting to learn literally everything. I can be great at stringing together sentences, but that absolutely doesn’t mean that I’m a god at vaccines – hence why I took a pretty large step to explain that I’m just parroting the bullshit that people smarter than I have been begging people to do since…February 2020? In these cases, an ideal strategy is to defer to experts that have been spending their entire professional lives attempting to understand this, because I sure as shit can’t dedicate the time necessary to understand every piece of information.

      It’s not necessarily bowing down to Fauci, but discretion is the better part of valor. Being cautious, deferring to experts, and adhering to proposals to protect fellow humans are all, in my opinion, ways to not be shitty. Actively making sacrifices over the past year to ensure that you, personally, are not actively spreading (and possibly mutating) the virus, is similarly very un-shitty.

      Finally, fuck China, the raping and sodomizing of Uyghurs (which I’ve discussed at length), the corporations that take advantage of China’s fascinatingly lax human rights (Apple, Microsoft, and the rest that I’ve outlined) for an extra few dollars of the almighty profits.

      I greatly appreciate your comment and hope you’ll participate in the discussions moving forward.

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